Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We got out of school today because of snow! YAY! Hopefully, just hopefully, we will be out of school tomorrow too! I love living in T.N. because you just never know what the weather will bring you, and you get out of school for the littlest things. That will change next year though because we are moving to CHINA! WHOO HOO! I'm so excited I don't even care if it doesn't snow there I'm just so happy about it and I want to leave now! I want the passports to hurry up, I want this school year to end, I want to get my shots over with, and I want to get on that plane and be there! I can just imagine it now, walking in my new furnished apartment and going outside without stopping to talk to someone you know every second! It's very exciting! It's an AMAZING opportunity! Here is a picture of our new city!

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