Sunday, February 6, 2011

So, my mom is making me write this blog as well as she is writing one too. We are moving to Chengdu, China this year. I'm excited, but also very nervous. It's going to be such a new adventure and an amazing one at that! My family has been waiting for this for a long time and it is now happening. Not many kids my age get to do this so I am very blessed to have this opportunity. Chengdu sounds like a very neat place! It has many Panda Bears (they are endangered). Chengdu has the largest Budha statue in the world. It is the 4th largest city in China. Well...... I will try to write on my blog everyday so you can keep up with my adventures that I will be having!!!


  1. Hey! So I was searching Chengdu into Google and I saw "we are moving to Chengdu" from your blog and I clicked on it! But hey! What a coincidence, I live in Chengdu and I'm a junior in CDIS (Chengdu Int'l School). If you have any questions (like which international school to go to) or just wanna say hi, hit me up! :)))))

    P.S. It's so exciting to know finally more expat teenagers are coming here! Haha. Because there are so few teens, we all hang out together and we rarely meet new people. :P

  2. Yes! I Have many questions. I'm going to Chengdu with a program called QSI! Questions-
    1. Is the food good?(haha)
    2. Is there a lot of things to do with friends?
    3. When you first got to Chengdu was it hard getting into the routine?
    4. Is there a lot of extra curricular activities to do at your school? I love volleyball, and I'm hoping my school will have one.
    5. Was it hard for you to learn Chinese or at least the basics?

    I'm sorry I have asked so many questions,but I'm just so excited and I have no idea what to think. Thanks Aluash!:)