Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sitting at home, watchin a cooking show. hopefully just hopefully we will be out of school tomorrow we are supposed to get 4-6 inches YAY!!!! lol!

Monday, January 24, 2011

So today, I had to go too school.(boring) ugghh! It's okay though because I didn't have much homework. I love hanging out with my friends and learning new material, but why do teachers do some teachers give you work that means nothing? Some teachers I feel as if they are there to be there and not teach the students. Honestly, I like school and I know that every teacher doesn't have to be perfect, but why are they giving us busy work constantly?

Well, off to the exciting part of school. This morning I got an invitation to one of my friend's birthday party. I think I can come, hopefully! In 3rd period we had a party for winning the can food drive. All my friends in that class cracked me up! We laughed the whole class period over nothing. Lunch was pretty good, except for the fact the buns to our chicken sandwiches were cold. In 6th period we got new seating arrangements; I have to sit by Shaun Butler (immature) and Kimber, which I love Kimber so I guess it's okay. 7th period I have Mrs. Civils; she is an AMAZING teacher! She made a PowerPoint today about the major rivers in the world and from her teachings I know the facts about them pretty well. After Mrs. Civils class it was time for dismissal (YAY)!!! I'm home and now watching T.V. with my little brother, Phillip. Overall, I have had a pretty good day so far!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm very excited about next weekend, we are going to Atlanta to see where we are moving to!We are pretty sure its going to be Shekou China. My parents would like to teach international; they would be with the program, QSI. I have a younger sister and a younger brother and I know we are all very excited! My family has always wanted to travel around the world and experience new adventures. I can't wait until school next year, I have been on this school's website and it has so many extra curriculum activities. Keep up with my blog and I will post more neat things about moving international!